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Sebastian's Workouts

Hello there! Ready to bite through a full-body HIIT workout routine? Give it your best shot and try to challenge yourself! Pick one of the free safe spots and use the QR code to see the full workout. Here you also find a curated playlist (or listen to your own music of course). I will be around to keep an eye on your technique & to answer all your questions :)


WARM-UP (~7min)

To get started, you first do a clean warm-up routine to prevent yourself from any injuries and give your body a gentle wake-up call.

-circle left foot (30sec)

-circle left knee (30sec)

-point left leg & hold (30sec)

-hip rotations left leg (30sec)

-circle right foot (30sec)

-circle right knee (30sec)

-point right leg & hold (30sec)

-hip rotations right leg (30sec)

-diagonal stretch (5 reps both sides)

-revolved down dog (10 reps)

-wrist circles (30 sec)

-shoulder rotations (30sec)

-arm rotations (30sec)

DRILL (~8min)

Now it's time to heat things up. You will perform a series of running on the spot exercises combined with in-between exercises:

-run on spot (2min)

-heel flicks (2min)

-high knees (2min)

-sprints (2min)

While doing this, challenge yourself to perform one of the following exercises every 5 seconds (pick your favorites, bonus points for burpees!):


-Squat Jump



-5 crunches

-5 Jumping Jacks

-2 lunges

-high jump

BREAK (2min)

You earned a short rest here :)

CIRCUIT 1: LEGS (~12min)

Time for a circuit. Perform every exercise for 40sec, followed by a very brief 20sec rest, then continue to the next exercise.

-Squat Jumps (40sec)

-Side to side Squats (40sec)

-Squat Kicks (40sec)

-1 min break

Repeat 3x

CIRCUIT 2: CORE (~12min)

Same procedure, but this time we challenge the core muscles.

-Russian Twists

-Low Plank with Hip Dips

-Bicycle Crunches

-1min Break

Repeat 3x


Well done! Time to cool down a little bit. We will do some static stretches, hold each one for 15-30 seconds)


-Quad stretch

-knee to chest stretch

-triceps stretch

-forearm stretch

-forward bend

You're finished & ready to hit the road again!!!

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