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Linda's Workouts

Scan the QR code for your favourite workout and playlist and find your safe spot in the gym. Your beloved trainer will be around to make sure to keep you motivated and to keep an eye on your technique.

Link to the playlist:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/09v1F1o7zWpo3UU5JCslQL?si=XRKhBs4UQfift3Zw62e9sg

Have fun doing this workout. If you need some help, please let me help.

I'm happy to help you out :-)


Warming Up:

4 rounds:

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges

5 Walkouts

Round: 1 & 3:

20 Squats met dumbells

20 Achterwaartse Lunges met Dumbell of Ball Press

10/10 Deadlift op 1 been

10 Burpees

Round: 2 & 4:

20 Repeater Knee right (heavier option: put 1 hand next to your foot.)

20 Repeater Knee left

10/10 Seesaw Lunges

10 Squat Jumps (no jumping option: squat heel lift)

Round 5 & 6:

20 Lunges Pulses Right

20 Lunges Pulses Left

20 Sumo Squat Pulses

20 Sumo Squat Hold alternating heel lift

Round 7 & 8

20 Kneeling Dumbell Press left

20 Kneeling Dumbell Press right

20 Hiplift Hold Chest (floor) Press

10 Push Ups

Core Finisher 2 rounds:

20 Sit Ups (more spice: put a dumbell on the chest)

20 Leg Raises (more spice: hold a dumbell above your chest)

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Toe Touches

45 sec. Elbow Plank (more spice: bend and extend your knees)


Liggende Hamstring Stretch li+re

Figure Four Stretch li+re


Warming up 3 rounds

10 x walkout

10 x squat

10 x shoulder taps

10 x lunges

10 x jumping jacks

Legs 4 rounds

20 x sumo squat

20 x sumo squat on toes

20 x sumo squat heel toe touch alternating

20 seconds sumo squat hold

Squat cardio 2-3 rounds

20 x Squat

10 x Walk squat - jump squat

20 x Jumping jacks

10 x Drop squat

Legs 4 rounds

20x alternating lunges

20 x lunges right

20 x lunges right on toes

20 x lunges left

20 x lunges left on toes

Legs/booty 4 rounds

20 x Crosslunges right

20 x Crosslunges right bounce

10 x Crosslunges on right leg - left kick out

20 x Crosslunges left

20 x Crosslunges left bounce

10 x Crosslunges on left leg - right kick out

Cardio 2-3 rounds

20 x Jump squats

10 x Burpees

Hamstrings 4 rounds

20 x deadlifts

10 x deadlifts left

10 x deadlifts right

Booty 4 rounds with elastic

20 x step out to the side right foot stays on the floor

20 x step out to the back right foot stays on the floor

20 x step out to the side left foot stays on the floor

20 x step out to the back left foot stays on the floor

Booty 4 rounds

20 x glute bridge

10 x glute bridge right

10 x glute bridge left

Core 3 rounds

30 second plank

10 plank knees touch the ground

Abs 4 rounds

10 x crunches

10 x sit ups

10 x leg raises 

348 ms