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Dennis Workouts

Goodmorning ladies! I hope you are all ready for another kick-ass workout! Down below you will see today's full workout routine. Start up your favourite music, or open the link to my playlist and give it your best shot! I will be around to answer all of your questions and correct your technique.

Warm-up stretches (open playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/190wZ2oVo7MTrBvNlPiub2?si=Fn6HteemTJqCeIMd9UCX0w)

Before you are going to start you need to get warmed up. Perform 3 rounds of the following four stretches.

Inchworms (10 reps)

runner's lunges (10 reps each leg)

Thoracic rotations (10 reps)

squat stretches (10 reps)

Warm-up cardio:

Its Time to raise that heartbeat and get ready! Perform 2 to 3 rounds of the following 4 exercises.

on the spot running (30 seconds): choose your own speed!

Jumping-jacks (30 seconds)

Knee strikes (20 seconds each side)

Plank y-jumps (30 seconds)

Drill 1: hard work (open playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6xYFJ5jDTrCnd5TNtTUbdf?si=aIAZAstETUuugB_3siDUeA )

Time to get sweaty! The goal is to do 2 rounds of the following 3 supersets. You will perform each superset 2 times before progressing to the next one.

High-knees X Jump-lunges (20seconds each, 30 seconds rest)

Mountain-climbers X crab toe-touches (20 seconds each, 30 seconds rest)

Burpee + plank hip-roll (20 seconds each, 30 seconds rest)

take a short break (2 minutes).

Drill 2 Core & cardio

It is time to finish strong! And there is no better way to end things than by burning up the abs and core. Try to perform 2 rounds of the follwing 4 exercises. After doing all 4 exercises one after the other, you do them again.

Medicine ball russian twists (30 seconds)

Leg raise pulses (30 seconds): Place a dumbell on its side and place it in front of your feet. Hop your leg over the dumbell from side to side whilst maintaining an upright torso.

Bear-crawl: 2 steps forward, 2 streps back (30 seconds)

Sit-through  (30 seconds)

rest (1 minute)

Cooling-down (open playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWXe9gFZP0gtP?si=7MaEC0hxTMOa9ymryX453Q ):

Its time to relax, the hard work is over! Put on some relaxing music and try to do the following static stretches for 2 to 3 rounds.

Back flexion-extension (30 seconds): on hands and knees, hold every pose for a few seconds.

Seated hamstring stretch.

Deep-squat hold (20-seconds):  hold on to something if you can't maintain a straight back.

Adductor stretches (15 seconds each side): 2 times each side.

Quadriceps stretch (20 seconds each leg).

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